Resource: Proofreading service for songwriters


Associated NVN member: Sarah Pennington

Price: Fee negotiable

How to buy: contact Sarah Pennington - 01392 437792 or

Further information:

If you’re producing a book of songs, or even reprinting an existing one, I’d like to help you to make it a thoroughly professional product. It makes all the difference to have an objective outsider who can spot things which you’ve missed, simply because you’ve looked at it a thousand times.

I can proofread your written music, looking out for musical punctuation, alignment of notes and text, formatting anomalies, etc – things that even the best software won’t pick up. I can also check your notation against a recording. And I can check any text for spelling, punctuation, grammar and all-important readability.

TRY IT OUT! To prove to you that it’s a worthwhile service, I can proofread a sample page for you FOR FREE.
My fee is negotiable, and you needn’t think of it as a cost which comes out of your pocket – it is an essential element of the publishing process which you can add to the cover price.

Ali Burns says, “I’ve used Sarah’s music proofreading services on the last three books I’ve worked on and have to say that I think her work is fantastic. She has a great eye for the fine detail of a manuscript and always manages to spot things that could be improved on. This means that I can feel confident that I’m sending off a professional product that looks great and reads clearly. It’s made a huge difference to me in terms of reducing the stress and worry around producing books.”