Resource: Rehearsing For Heaven audio tutorials


Associated NVN member: Tony Backhouse

Publisher: École de Fromage

Price: $10 per song package

How to buy: Digital download from my website


Further information:

In these digital downloadable audio files you will learn the parts for some traditional gospel songs. Each song package consists of the component parts (soprano/alto/tenor/bass) as separate tracks, sung by the Mighty Demonstrators. Finally, you get a complete performance of the song, with additional lead lines or improvised variants. Lyrics and notes are included as a PDF.
(Tracks with an asterisk*: scores for these songs can be found in the songbook A cappella • Rehearsing For Heaven
Tracks with two asterisks **: scores for these songs can be found in the songbook Move On Up.)

All Night All Day (trad) *
Amazing Grace (Sam Cooke)
Angels Keep Watching Over Me (the Caravans)
Come Out The Wilderness (trad)
Glad To Be In The Service (trad) **
I Want to be Ready (trad) *
I’m Gonna Reach My Heavenly Home Someday (Patterson) *
Lily In the Valley (John P. Kee) **
Nobody’s Fault But Mine (trad) *
One Morning Soon (trad/Sterling Jubilees) *
One Morning Soon (Collins)
Out of the Depths (Gross) *
Power Is In The Heart Of Man (Grate)
Prayer Wheel Turning (Mann)
Shine On Me (trad) *
Walk In The Light (trad) *