Resource: Singularity


Associated NVN member: Kate Buttolph

Publisher: Play On Performing Arts

Price: £7 per session or £28 for 5 sessions. (£8/£32 for cd version)

How to buy: contact me directly:


Further information:

Singularity is my creative response for community choir singers who want to keep their choral/aural skills sharp. I have designed it as a sort of regular e book, with technical exercises, creative ideas and three songs to try out per session. At least one piece each time is newly composed and the others are public domain arrangements, ranging from a lute song, to a jazzy partner song, to a three part Maori piece…

I provide backing tracks in medium voice keys as well as teaching tracks, and most of the songs will also work unaccompanied for people who prefer that option. There is also a print and cd version available for those without good internet access.

Feedback from current subscribers:

“I am enjoying my singing:  nice to feel connected once again, practising daily and hopefully improving as days go by.”

“Thank you for delivering the lesson. You are to be congratulated, it is excellent. What a lot of work. It will keep us busy.”

“I’m having problems with unreliable [rural broadband] so really appreciate the hard copy and being able to play the tunes as well as using the cds which are very helpful. I also appreciate the trouble you take.”

“What a great lesson – plenty to work on.”

“Thanks for your hard work in making [Singularity] so interesting.”