Resource: Slap Happy: How to Play World-Beat Rhythms With Just Your Body and a Buddy (book with CD)


Associated NVN member: Betsy Sansby

Publisher: (Dancing Hands Music)

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Slap Happy is for kids of all ages. It turns drum rhythms into body rhythms you can step, clap, and slap with a buddy. Right from the start, you’ll be learning traditional dance rhythms from West Africa and the Caribbean: Kuku from Guinea, Sunguru Bani from Mali, Kpegisu from Ghana, Bomba from Puerto Rico, and Conga from Cuba. And you can hear how every pattern sounds on the slap-along CD that comes with the book.

You can do Slap Happy in pairs or in groups, indoors or out, at home or at school. If you’re a parent, it’s a great way to do something fun and educational with your kids that doesn’t require any previous musical training. If you’re a music teacher, you can use Slap Happy to give your students a hands-on experience of world rhythms without having to buy any instruments. It’s physical, it’s funky, and it’s fun!