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Associated NVN member: Candy Verney

Price: £20 including MP3s of all parts

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8 wonderful songs for community choirs – from fairly easy to quite complex. All tracks for all parts are available on Candy’s website, where you can also hear some tracks from the book. Some sleeve notes below:

Very Close to Love: Candy always picks beautiful locations for these weeks and this one was on Orkney. One afternoon the whole group went to Scara Brae, where the remains of an ancient village look out onto a sea that was navy that day. The sky was clear blue; the sands were a perfect white; gulls wheeled overhead, calling in the wind. The song partly describes that day; partly describes the mountains of Donegal; and partly describes the powerful bonds that form between people when they sing together.

Hold On!: Sometimes you get stuck. It seems like nothing will come right. Whatever you try, nothing works. And meanwhile everyone else’s lives seem to be going so well. Hang on in there. Sooner or later, most things seems to work themselves out.

I am Raftery: Raftery was an 18th century blind musician and poet who made his living by travelling from town to town, playing his fiddle and reciting verse.