Resource: The Singing Year


Associated NVN member: Candy Verney

Publisher: Hawthorn Press

Price: £16.99

How to buy: from Hawthorn Press, or Amazon


Further information:

This is a book topical for our times with our increasing awareness of the fragility of our natural environment. Singing about the seasons creates a link in a child’s mind and helps them become aware of natural rhythms and cycles. The Singing Year includes a learning CD and illustrations by Claudio Munoz.

The book is arranged in seasonal sections that contains over 100 beautiful songs. Some are traditional, many are specially composed by Candy with poems by Nicola Wickstead and Julie Tonkin. There are songs about animals, plants, and seasonal things that particularly appeal to children: conkers and kicking up leaves in autumn, the busy busy bee, going up in the swing, and picking those hidden raspberries in summer.

At the end of each section are suggested seasonal craft activities and games to play. To emphasise the connection with the natural world, there are lists of plants that can easily be grown in any nursery garden.