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Associated NVN member: Louise Raven-Tiemele

Publisher: Louise Raven-Tiemele and Justine Wheeler

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An intimate CD collection of 15 traditional lullabies from around the World – sung a cappella, in harmony and in their native tongues. Each song, with its shared purpose, is imbued with its own style that takes you across the world to its own birthplace and time. This CD has helped lull countless infants and (some weary parents too!) into a blissful sleep.

  1. Ja Jang Uri – South Korea
  2. Dodo Titit – Haiti
  3. All the Pretty Horses – USA
  4. Sulla Met Litt – Norway
  5. Cadul Gu Lo – British Isles
  6. Bubuy Bulan – Indonesia
  7. Dobru Noc, Ma Mila – Slovakia
  8. Kua Tipu Ra – New Zealand
  9. Takeda – Japan
  10. Malenkaia Kolybelnaia – Russia
  11. Saaindhaadamma Saaindhaadu – India
  12. Duerme Negrita – South America
  13. Sofdu Unga Astin Min – Iceland
  14. Tu Tu Gbovi – Ghana
  15. Yalla Tenam Reema – Lebanon