Resource: Your Choir Your Business – online course


Associated NVN member: Marion Van Namen

Publisher: Marion Van Namen

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Are you ready to take your choir to the next level? An important step is to look at your choir as a business rather than a non-profit. This year I’m launching online course material to help you make a sustainable living with the work you’re so passionate about and the work that offers such great value to your community. First module was launched today. Hot off the press! More details here.

It’s a 30 minute video in which you’ll learn about the Business Model. You’ll see concrete examples, and you’ll be able to download a spreadsheet that helps you apply the business model to your choir or singing group. Bonus feature: pricing and having the guts to charge what you’re worth. Access your copy here.

Do let me know what you think. And if you have any business topics you’d like me to create another on-line course on – I’d love to hear about it. Bless Sings!


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