Song: Blessed Earth, Holy Spirit

This song was written by Alison Whittall in 2017. It is to honour our blessed sacred earth and awakening to the living spirit that permeates everything. The words, driven by the powerful harmonies, lift the vibrational field. ‘We awaken in freedom’ is for NOW, not anticipating some heavenly realm in the future but singing into the reality of true freedom that is always available to us HERE and NOW in this precious infinite moment in the heart of our very own being.
‘Holy Spirit’ is not necessarily a Christian term – I mean the universal sacred spirit of the divine. In verse 2 we sing ‘Living Spirit’ and this may be your preference. Feel free to use either!
I would suggest you teach the alto tune first, followed by soprano. Then Tenor and finally Bass.
There are three verses in total and Nick Mills helped to clarify the words of the last verse with the word ‘sing’!

The score with parts CD alongside 32 original songs from the Unicorn Village Natural Voice Camp can be bought from The New Unicorn Village Songbook (Vol 2) –


Composer: Alison Whittall