Song: Earth, Sun, Wind and Rain

What are we going to leave behind?
For a long time now, I had hoped to plant a little forest. In 2019 my wish became reality. We could buy back a big part of the croft we are living on. Instead of building a house on it, we are rewilding the land.
Here is my song about it.
We want to plant only indigenous species on the plot. So far we have planted Hawthorn, Hazel, Blackthorn, Willow, Rowan and Birch. The plot was completely overgrown with Broom. Although we have kept quite a bit of Broom for the deer and birds for shelter. This autumn/winter we plan to plant Oak, Ash, Elder and more Rowan and Birch.


Composer: Christiane Morley

Language: English

Number of parts: 3