Song: From Darkness to Light

Christiane wrote this song for a community event. It is possible to learn all 3 parts and sing it as a round in the traditional way.
She says, “I did it differently because it was for a bigger crowd and not everyone was “a singer”. I taught the lower bit to one group, the middle bit to the next and the higher bit to the last group (whatever people were comfortable singing, low middle or high) then I let the different groups sing their part to each other and in the end I let the lower group start, brought in the middle group and in the end the higher voice group. Everyone was really pleased that they achieved to sing in different harmonies in such a short time. It took only about 10 minutes.”
The picture is of Meall Fuar-mhonaidh, light in midsummer. That is the view we have from this side of Loch Ness and the light we are waiting for in winter.


Composer: Christiane Morley

Language: English

Difficulty: Medium

Score: Download From Darkness to Light