Song: Song From The Sea

There is a beautiful and unique voice within each one of us and this song is about finding the courage to set it free for the whole world to hear! The NVN singing groups offer a safe nurturing space where people can learn to do this and I love being a part of it.

This song has 3 parts.
The 1st part sings the piece once through by itself and continues to repeat as many times as desired. On it’s 2nd time through the piece it is joined by the 2nd part as it starts to sing the word ‘sea’ at the end of the first line. They then sing through the piece together. The 3rd part joins in on the 3rd time through the piece when the 2nd part starts to sing the word ‘soul’.


Composer: Jill Davis

Language: English

Number of parts: 3

Difficulty: Medium