Song: This Is Home

This song emerged from a poem Sophia wrote early in 2015; she says: “After engaging with some long overdue movement meditation practices I came to the sweet realisation that my body is my home. This vessel I have been given for this lifetime, that is always here, my life long companion. I so often find myself looking outside of myself (mostly forward) to find a sense of completion, of rest, of belonging. I wrote this song as a mantra, to remind myself that I am always at home. All I need to do to realise this is pause… and take a breath. The melody arrived when I was asked to give a TEDx talk in May 2015 – Singing Ourselves Home. I wanted it to be simple enough to teach to an unsuspecting audience, so I wrote the melody with one harmony above. I have since added two other parts. There is also space to add some echo lines if desired.”


Composer: Sophia Efthimiou

Number of parts: 3

Difficulty: Easy