Song: We shall overcome

When the world was mourning the loss of Pete Seeger, this song was often played. Along with many others, I am profoundly moved by it. I longed to sing it. In particular I wanted to sing a version that sounded and felt, to me, a bit like’that’ recording of his leading the crowd singing it. I guess we all hear songs and arrangements slightly differently – I couldn’t find an arrangement that sounded quite as I wanted, so I did this one.

There are two endings: the first is in unison; the second is not in unison – for the Big Finish!

The song ‘We shall overcome’ is in the public domain. The harmony lines here are the ones I put together. They are the nearest I could manage to sounding as I wanted.

I’ve put it on here as people were asking for a simple version of ‘We shall overcome’. The ‘climbing middle’ and the ‘low’ parts are – I think – quite straightforward and unsurprising. The ‘middle’ seems to be the least straightforward. The ‘low’ part is low! And dispensible, I think. But I’ve taught this version, and it’s worn ok so far.

We shall live in peace, some day….


Arranger: 'We shall overcome' is in the public domain; Margaret Biddle did these harmonies.

Country or Culture: Civil rights movement

Language: English

Number of parts: 4

Difficulty: Easy