Marguerita Mills Gloucestershire

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Marianne Lihannah Gloucestershire

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Marie Franco Devon

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Marie O'Brien Hampshire

I started leading the Eastleigh Fusion choir in 2011 and started the Winchester Fusion choir in 2013. In 2018 I was awarded a British Citizen's Award for services to the Arts for my inspirational work with the Fusion Choirs.…

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Mark Strong South Yorkshire

I write lullabies and sacred songs for choirs and small groups, and teach in a gentle and inclusive style. I strongly believe that harmony singing can bring peace and wholeness.

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Martina Schwarz Greater London

Martina holds a degree in educational studies and a music teaching Diploma, and has a strong theatre background. She has been running choirs for 10 years and teaches/performs acappella as well as accompanying with the accordion.

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Mary Benefiel Norfolk

I have been a student of the voice all my life, starting with singing at home with my family, school choirs, musicals, folk music, then in the performing arts where I studied the voice in all its intricacies.

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Mary Bourne Greater London

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Mary Denn Essex

I am passionate about all things arts, music and people. I particularly love how the arts can bring such amazing benefits to people’s health and wellbeing - especially singing!

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Maya Waldman Wales - South-West

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Meg Turpin Norfolk

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Melanie Golding Gloucestershire

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Melia Naughton Australia

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Meri Goad Scotland

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Michael Deason-Barrow Gloucestershire

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Michael Harper Greater London

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Michaela Bartoskova Greater London

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Michelle Nova Dorset

Michelle Nova is a soprano, Bel Canto singing teacher, workshop and course leader in vocal technique, conductor, musical director, author, researcher and workshop facilitator.

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Mig Kerr West Midlands

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Mike Robeson Hertfordshire

I first discovered harmony singing when I visited Findhorn in 2012. I began to feel a deep connection to myself and the community there. Over the years I began to become inspired by teachers that wrote beautiful harmonies. There are too…

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