Penny Stone Scotland

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Penny Vincent Staffordshire

Trained in Body Breath and Voice work, Penny runs open access short singing sessions in community settings and at community events, and full day workshops. She coordinates Stoke Sings community singing project in North Staffordshire.

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Pete Linnett Dorset

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Peter Hunt Oxfordshire

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Philip Gloucestershire

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Philip Read Oxfordshire

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Philippa Berry Surrey

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Philippa Snell Surrey

Philippa discovered folk music in her 20s and has since been singing in folk groups, playing the fiddle and leading singing groups along with her nature connection and visual art practice.

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Polly Bolton Shropshire

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Raaja Fischer Germany

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Rachel Belringer Devon

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Rachel Parsons Suffolk

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Rebecca Ballard Rebecca Ballard Wales - South-East

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Rebecca Knight Warwickshire

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Renee Berkhout Avon

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Roderick Paton Wales - Mid-Wales

Dr. Rod Paton is a musician, composer, lecturer and writer with many decades of experience in a variety of fields. As a horn player and pianist he specialises in improvised forms and jazz. As a composer, he has worked extensively…

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Roger Jackson Buckinghamshire

Roger is a composer and arranger who worked as a producer in rock music, film and TV for many years. Now he writes and arranges for choirs and leads workshops.

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Róisín Mulliez Republic of Ireland

Jazz singer with a love for vocal harmony. Now running The Easy Vocal Group in Galway city, Ireland. Instagram @rolom3

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Ros Thomas Worcestershire

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Rose Hodgson Greater Manchester

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