Sarah Westcott Oxfordshire

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Sarra Whicheloe Surrey

I hold singing circles with natural voice songs, as well as kirtan and medicine songs with guitar. These are gatherings for women to recharge and connect through song.

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Sheila Macbeth Gloucestershire

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Sheila Tang Avon

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Shilpa Shah Greater London

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Shirley Goddard Worcestershire

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Sian Netherton Cornwall

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Simon Levermore West Midlands

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Siobhan Donnelly Cheshire

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Sophia Efthimiou East Sussex

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Sophie Sterckx Gloucestershire

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Sorrel Wilde Avon

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Stacey Cole USA

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Steve Johnson Leicestershire

Now retired from choir leading

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Su Hart Avon

Art school lead to Su’s musical side flourishing. She made a living from busking, created a 3 girl band of vocals flutes and marimba called Åkervinda and was a founding member of Baka Beyond. Visits to the Baka…

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Su Lewis Dorset

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Sue Crowe Connolly Canada

Sue Crowe Connolly is a professional vocal teacher and singer with over 20 years experience who is passionate about working with people who desire to ‘claim’, ‘find’ or enjoy their own voice and/or music.

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Sue Ellar Wales - South-East

Sue has been a member of the NVN since 2012. She firmly believes in the therapeutic power of singing, and the delights of glorious harmony singing. She is known for bringing together choirs of over 600 singers in Cardiff.

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Sue Harris Wales - Mid-Wales

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Sue Murray East Yorkshire

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