Anahita Hayrabedian West Yorkshire

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Andi Jaeger Germany

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Andrea Small South Yorkshire

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Angela Dennis Essex

I run singing groups and choirs, and I am also a singer/songwriter and perform on guitar and voice, both solo and with others.

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Angela Reith Greater London

Composer * Musical Director * Vocal Arranger * Singer * Workshop Leader * Pianist

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Angela Spencer East Sussex

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Anita Mahon Republic of Ireland

Anita Mahon is a musician, vocal tutor and musical director based in Wexford. She has worked extensively with children and adults across a wide spectrum of musical genres.

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Anita Ward Greater Manchester

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Anja Wilken Germany

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Ann Bermingham Australia

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Anna Bosatta USA

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Anna Tabbush West Sussex

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Anne L Ryan Oxfordshire

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Annelie Leinhos Greater Manchester

I completed the residential Voice Leader training with Frankie Armstrong and Sarah Harman in 2018, and have been leading singing taster sessions in Withington since November 2019. Before that I supported adults with learning disabilities to live independently.

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Anni Tracy Lancashire

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Annie Griffith Lincolnshire

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Annie Whittingham East Sussex

I am an experienced voice coach, singing teacher, and musician. I teach privately and also and run a small charity, Sing Well, that provides singing and music groups for health and well being.

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Asha McCarthy Gloucestershire

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Becca Flintham Devon

I've been singing since childhood, and leading choirs as a member of the NVN for the past decade.

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Becky Graber USA

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