Andrew Cheffings: Leicestershire

Studied Indian Classical Voice at Dartington College of Arts 1986-89 as part of a BA hons degree which also included Music in Society (Community Arts Practice). Lots of experience leading singing in a wide range of settings.

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Andrew Clingo: Lincolnshire

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Angela Dennis: Essex

I graduated in music in 1995, majoring in the voice and music for people with special needs. I went on to take an MA in health and the arts. As well as the singing groups and choirs I run, I…

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Angela Reith: Greater London

Angela Reith Composer * Musical Director * Vocal Arranger * Singer * Workshop Leader * Pianist Singing Groups Since the year 2000 Angela has initiated and led Voices Singing Workshops in Tufnell Park and Holloway, London N7, with the aim of enjoying singing…

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Angela Spencer: East Sussex

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Ania Hardy: Greater London

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Anita Daulne: Belgium

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Anita Mahon: Republic of Ireland

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Anita Ward: Greater Manchester

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Anja Wilken: Germany

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Ann Bermingham: Australia

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Anna Bosatta: USA

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Anna Cristoni-Apel: Wales - South-East

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Anna Tabbush: West Sussex

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Anne L Ryan: Oxfordshire

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Anni Tracy: Lancashire

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Annie Griffith: Lincolnshire

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Annie Whittingham: East Sussex

I am an experienced voice coach, singing teacher, and musician. I teach privately and also and run a small charity, Sing Well, that provides singing and music groups for health and well being. I have extensive experience of working with…

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Becca Flintham: Devon

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Becky Graber: USA

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