Sue Jackson North Yorkshire

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Sue Murray East Yorkshire

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Suekali Scotland

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Sunnara Vivian Worcestershire

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Sunny Davidson Somerset

Sunny Davidson is a singer-songwriter, song carrier, ceremonial drummer and multi instrumentalist. He has been blessed to learn many beautiful and powerful songs to honour the four sacred directions and invoke the spirits of the teacher plants.

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Surya Cooper Greater London

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Susan Saunders Wiltshire

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Susanna Glimmerveen Germany

Susanna (from the Netherlands) leads a community Choir in the east German village of Caputh and several Parent-Baby singing groups in Potsdam

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Susie Ro Prater Devon

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Suzanne Williams Norfolk

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Tanya Walker Wales - Mid-Wales

I've worked within music for over 30 years. I am classically trained - as well as singer songwriter - and I have been a natural voice practitioner/ vocal and performance coach and choir leader for over 5 years.

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Tembre de Carteret Republic of Ireland

Singer-songwriter, choir leader, song facilitator, early years music educator. Experienced with leading people in song: men, women and children, people of all ages, those with special needs or from minority groups, at festivals and holistic retreats.

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Teresa Verney Norfolk

I have been leading singing groups, singing holidays and workshops for about 15 years. Before this I worked as a professional oboist, a social worker and psychotherapist.

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Tessa Hall Berkshire

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Tim Clark Wales - North-West

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Tony Backhouse Australia

B.A. (English), B.Mus (Composition), 15 years playing guitar & bass in funk bands, over 30 years of leading choirs and running workshops. Now sings with the Heavenly Light Quartet, and records and writes with Blessed Relief and the Bend.

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Tony Barby Wiltshire

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Tracy Sharp Suffolk

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Trish Bessell Suffolk

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Trisha Morgan South Yorkshire

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