Asha McCarthy Gloucestershire

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Becca Flintham Devon

I've been singing since childhood, and leading choirs as a member of the NVN for the past decade.

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Becky Graber USA

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Bee Denning Devon

I bring Dartmoor and history, and this crazy world in which we live, into my songs. I write a lot, but don't always collate it into books. I sometimes sing in a trio doing original or folk songs.

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Bernard Burns Greater London

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Beth Allen Lancashire

I am a Creative Vocal Practitioner working therapeutically, in education settings, and in theatre, with large choral groups or one-to-one virtual sessions. My qualifications are BA Music, Postgraduate Music Therapy, MA Voice.

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Beth de Lange Lancashire

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Beth Ford Wales - South-East

I am a singer songwriter, teacher and complentary therapist. I write feel good songs for solo singers and choirs and I lead revitalising singing workshops across the country.

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Biddy Turner Gloucestershire

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Bill Henderson Scotland

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Brian Davies West Yorkshire

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Bridget Cousins North Yorkshire

I grew up singing with my family and have been a member of the Natural Voice Network for over 20 years.

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Brigitte Deneck Greater London

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Bronwyn Westacott Nottinghamshire

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Bruce Knight Warwickshire

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Candy Verney Republic of Ireland

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Carl Hodson Leicestershire

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Caro Overy Scotland

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Carol Donaldson Greater Manchester

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Carol Prior East Sussex

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