Carol Prior East Sussex

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Carol Rochfort Dorset

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Carol Shephard Wales - South-West

Carol currently leads C'est La Vie! Community Choir and previously co-led 4D Community Choir in Swansea with Kate Davies. She leads a BLF sponsored Singing for Lung Health group and combines yoga, singing, mindfulness and relaxation in monthly classes.

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Carol Shortis New Zealand

I am a song leader and choir director in Aotearoa/New Zealand, based just North of Wellington. I lead a community choir in Kāpiti, and work online with singing groups and 'drop in' choirs.

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Caroline Bithell Greater Manchester

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Caroline Radcliffe Somerset

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Caroline Rigby Devon

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Cath King Scotland

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Catherine Mowat Somerset

I first started singing in choirs when I was 8, so music has been a central part of my life. Giving people a window into the world of music making gives me a thrill!

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Catherine Pestano Surrey

Dr Catherine Pestano is a community musician and social worker with a passion for helping people to free their voices and share in the joy of sounding, singing and creative music making. She was originally inspired in her work by…

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Catherine Smith Avon

Community choir leader and singer based in Portishead.

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Cathy Crozier-Cole Somerset

I'm musician and singer based in Batheaston near Bath, and I'm passionate about bringing people together to help them find the voice and music inside themselves. I sing and play flute, double bass and piano, and in my 30 years…

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Cathy Quayle Isle of Man

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Catriona Fothergill Wales - South-West

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Caz Jeffreys Republic of Ireland

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Celia Hart Gloucestershire

I have taught music in a variety of situations in the past, with children and adults. I love sharing music and the way it connects us and particularly enjoy helping others to find their voices.

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Celia Webb Wales - South-East

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Celyn Hind West Sussex

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Charles Huckvale Humberside

Charles is a community artist and musician with over 15 years experience. He studied fine art painting at Central St. Martins College in London, and has worked in community music since 2004.

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Charlie Amaro Hampshire

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