Chris Strong: Somerset

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Christian Jane Foster: Dorset

I have been running community choirs for 6 years which have gone from strength to strength, I know run 3 choir my largest haveing 50 members strong, I have done lost of courses on the voice and body and how…

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Christian Lassert: Germany

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Christina Mimmocchi: Australia

Sydney-based songwriter and choir-maker, I'm inspired by the possibilities music brings to community building and making the world a lighter and better place. I have seven choirs - or should I say, they have me.

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Christine Bisatt: Greater London

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Christine Eastwood: Wales - North-West

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Christine Kydd: Scotland

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Christine Leaney: Worcestershire

Have been singing and performing with acapella quintet. Currently singing with vocal trio. Health issues have sadly meant my withdrawal from choir leading.

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Chrys Blanchard: Wales - South-East

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Cindy Dymond: Canada

I am a peacemaker and song leader in Ontario Canada. I work as a lawyer-mediator-arbitrator in my day job and sing, organize and facilitate singing in the community for fun. I lead a community choir called the Schoolhouse…

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Claire Anstee: Devon

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Claire Fowler: Warwickshire

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Claire Saxby: Shropshire

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Claire Stronach: Somerset

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Clara Atkins: Wiltshire

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Clara Clay: Wales - South-West

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Clare Conry: Republic of Ireland

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Clare Drury: East Yorkshire

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Clare Elleray Mee: Cumbria

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Clare Norrish: Cornwall

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