Charlie Amaro Hampshire

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Charlotte Woodford Wales - Mid-Wales

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Chris James Australia

Chris James brings a wealth of experience with voice, expression and communication working in schools with children, as well as teachers and parents. He presents his programme ‘A Vocal Adventure for Schools’ around Australia and internationally.

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Chris Rowbury Suffolk

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Chris Samuel Wiltshire

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Chris Strong Somerset

I'm a self-taught, non-music-reading choir and workshop leader with bags of passion and energy. I lead 2 community choirs and an audition-only performing a cappella group. Every summer I also lead the Scratch Choir during my "summer sings".

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Christian Jane Foster Dorset

I have been running community choirs for 6 years which have gone from strength to strength. I now run 3 choirs, the largest having 50 members.

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Christiane Morley Scotland

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Christina Mimmocchi Australia

Sydney-based songwriter and choir-maker, I'm inspired by the possibilities music brings to community building and making the world a lighter and better place. I have seven choirs - or should I say, they have me....

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Christine Bisatt Greater London

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Christine Eastwood Wales - North-West

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Christine Kydd Scotland

I'm an experienced educator, traditional folksinger, recording artiste and singing facilitator of workshops, singing groups & master classes. I have set up a number of community choirs in Scotland, which I have passed on to others to continue.

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Christine Leaney Worcestershire

Have been singing and performing with acapella quintet. Currently singing with vocal trio. Health issues have sadly meant my withdrawal from choir leading.

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Chrys Blanchard Wales - South-East

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Cindy Dymond Canada

I am a peacemaker and song leader in Ontario Canada. I work as a lawyer-mediator-arbitrator in my day job and sing, organize and facilitate singing in the community for fun.

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Claire Anstee Devon

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Claire Fowler Warwickshire

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Claire Saxby Shropshire

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Claire Stronach Somerset

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Clara Atkins Wiltshire

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