Cleo Lane: Greater London

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Clive Barker: Suffolk

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Corinne Pollard: Greater London

Trained and qualified in Jazz and Music Workshop Skills at Goldsmiths College, Corinne has developed and run a wide variety of community music projects, composed, arranged for and played with many different bands on keyboard and tenor sax, in horn…

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Corrina Hewat: Scotland

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Damien Mahoney: Greater Manchester

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Dan Price: South Yorkshire

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Daniela R De Armas: Greater London

Daniela was born into music, being a third generation musician, and has been a professional musician over the last 30 years. She sang in Salsa Bands Salsa Y Ache and Salsasonica and formed the London Lucumi Choir 12 years ago.…

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Dave Camlin: Cumbria

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Dave King: Wiltshire

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Dave Stewart: West Yorkshire

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David Burbidge: Cumbria

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David Gunn: Wales - North-West

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Delia Rosenboom: East Sussex

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Denise Dobson: Greater London

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Diane Robson: Tyne and Wear

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Dominic Stichbury: Greater London

Dominic is a singer, arranger and choir leader based in London. He is currently leading Bellow Fellows, an open access community choir for men as well as their brother choir Chaps Choir. He runs sessions in prisons with Choirs Beating…

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Ebanie Powell: Republic of Ireland

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Eleanor Hill: Lancashire

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Eleanor Holliday: Gloucestershire

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Eleanor Logan: Scotland

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