Miscellaneous YouTube Videos

The following videos are publically available on Youtube:

Community Choirs – The Natural Voice Approach (10:00)

Members of the Natural Voice Network talk about what makes a natural voice choir different, why warm-ups are important, the health benefits of singing in a choir, why we sing songs from different parts of the world, and more.

Sound Connections – How To… Lead a Community Choir with Gitika Partington (6:03)

In this ‘How To’ film from Sound Connections (2012), NVN-member Gitika Partington talks about the rationale of doing warm-ups, repertoire choices, how she might approach teaching a song, how she organises a choir session and more, interspersed with short clips of her in action with a group of singers.

Getting Ready to Sing with Gitika Partington (5:30)

This clip (from 2008) shows Gitika leading a singing warm-up with a group of 5 year olds. Note how responsive the children are, what a wide range of sounds they make by spontaneously following Gitika’s lead, and how Gitika keeps them on side by not missing a beat.

It’s Your Voice Warm Ups with Sharon Dunant (9:54)

This warm-up section from Sharon Dunant’s singing workshop for the Musical Futures conference in Leeds (January 2013) features a range of physical and vocal exercises. Note how Sharon uses a story to help participants memorise a sequence of sounds and gestures, and how she involves the group in developing the story.

Leadership through Choral Music (Part 1) with Patty Cuyler and Mollie Stone (56:55)

This video from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (2018) shows Patty Cuyler and Mollie Stone teaching a song from South Africa – ‘Asimbonanga’ by Johnny Clegg – in a workshop for Business students. Along the way, they make lots of useful points about the value of learning the music of other cultures. Points of good practice include the detail that is provided about the cultural context of the song and the way in which Mollie and Patty work on pronunciation and sound quality.

The flashmob version of the song that Mollie talks about in the video (Soweto Gospel Choir: Madiba Tribute) can be found here.